For my senior capstone, I wanted to find a way to tell the gospel as a story. I wanted to give it the context that it deserves, starting with the beginning of creation and seeing it through to the end—the redemption of all things (which is in fact only the beginning of what is to come).

In my earliest experiences with the gospel, beauty and truth were often divorced, making the gospel a lifeless thing, abused in the hands of self-righteous men, the words that conceive life stripped down to nothing more than a moral code with which to beat over the heads of others. This is not a saving gospel.

And so I wanted to be clear that beauty and truth do coexist in the gospel. In making this book, I scoured the pages of scripture and handpicked verses for each stage in the times I felt lost and burnt out and continued to pray for understanding and endurance. At many times I felt weak, struggling to find the way that seemed most right to tell the story. And by the grace of God and the power of the Spirit, many google docs were pared down into one cohesive document.

Having decided upon the text, I began to illustrate the story through a digital technique that resembles analog printmaking. I worked from a list of phrases and verses I had compiled for each main event to direct the content of the image.

The resulting 8 illustrations reflect on main events in the redemptive work of God as it concerns his creation, chiefly man. This redemptive work, made available to all, is the gospel.

The Creation
The First Sin & the Curse of Death
The Promise
The Law
Jesus, Who Breaks the Curse
The Offer of Salvation & Restoration
The Christian Life/The Church Age
Heaven & What is to Come

My most favorite illustration is the one for the new heaven, which is simple but profound, as it is a reflection of the first. Because of the gospel, I believe that God will again dwell with man. No sun or moon will be found in those days for his presence will be a constant, eternal light. (Revelation 22)
I hope to one day revisit this project and publish the book, but for now, it lives here.​​​​​​
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