Logo Concept sketch for videography branding
From my original sketches, I decided to incorporate the film reel as a main element in the brand, paying homage to film's rich history, which Mullins draws from heavily.
Film/videography logo for freelance videographer, Nicholas Mullins. The logo is made up of a film reel and a compass.
The photo is of a weathered older man., gazing off into the distance. The logo is overlaid in cream.
The photo used above is one that Nicholas took for his documentary film, “Tous Les Jours,” which covers the daily routine of a landscape painter living in Newfoundland.
The logo elements are separated, to use as an art element. They have a texture added by a texture brush in Illustrator.
This image shows a monogram logo in gold on a green background.
An art element with N Mullins spelled out in a square format with the main logo in the top center.
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