The face of Heartland Home Buyers is Sondra McKibbon, a passionate and servant-hearted individual. These qualities are evident in the brand personality of Heartland Home Buyers. Sondra says that she “wears her heart on her sleeve,” especially in the way she operates her business.
The logo I designed conveys the sincere approach that Heartland Home Buyers takes to buying and fixing up houses, donating furniture to local veterans, and serving the local community. More specifically, the logo conveys that Heartland Home Buyers pours out their heart into the individual homes they acquire.
The brand colors are a fresh take on classic Americana colors, reflecting HHB’s honesty, patriotism, and resolve to be excellent in all that they do.
Logo and Brand Identity for a real estate business, Heartland Home Buyers, in Dayton, Ohio. The logo has a clean look and is made up of a heart with a roof and chimney.
With the brand elements that I created, I mocked up branded stationery, for sale signs, and other elements that Heartland Home Buyers might use.
Branded stationery set for Heartland Home Buyers. Included: a letter, business card, and envelope.
Mockup of a for sale sign with Heartland Home Buyers branding.
Mockup of a sign with Heartland Home Buyers logo.
Branded box packaging idea for Heartland Home Buyers with heart pattern.
Heartland Home Buyers buys and flips houses that they rent to homeless veterans in the Dayton area. They call these their "Hero Homes." When veterans move into these homes, HHB leaves them with a package of gift cards to local grocery stores and restaurants. I created this packaging design for these Hero Packages.
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